Nos valeurs, principes et méthode

Les enfants des rues dans les pays du sud – Xavier Emmanuelli from Objectif développement on Vimeo.

Our values

A common charter for all samusocials based on the following core values:

Dignity: a moral status inherent to any human being. No force or situation should deprive anyone from this dimension, this manifestation of humanity. In all times, one should do everything to preserve, maintain and secure it.

Solidarity:  health and social institutions, protection mechanisms, surges of compassion and natural empathy, all exist with the aim to share, as a duty, caring for others and to try, under any circumstances, to help others — within the remit of individual and collective capacities.

Citizenship: having rights and duties within the society to which one belongs. Citizenship is secured by universal human rights.

samusocial charter

Our principles

samusocial has developed a specific method for social emergency, in order to reach out to victims of exclusion.

Emergency as a method to get out of an emergency

This method is based upon the following principles:

  • Emergency : not only medical , but medical-psychological-social ;
  • Constant availability: to be reachable at all times ;
  • Mobility : to reach out to excluded populations, on their territories ;
  • Professionalism: to rely on trained teams.

Our methodology

Mobiles 2Outreach mobile teams

They roam the streets day and night to reach out to the most excluded people where they are living and they provide needs-based health and psychosocial care.

Accueil 2Relay Centres 

Emergency accomodation centres or day care centres, they take over from the outreach mobile teams and provide to the persons an individualised support.

Soutien 2Networking

samusocial staff engage in various operational partnerships, and work to offer the people they support a long term plan of integration at the societal, professional and family level.

Actions 2Advocacy 

Advocacy helps inform public powers of the causes behind and evolution of exclusion, as well as helping leaders envision appropriate responses for the persons who need this support.

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